20 September 2011

Completion Done

Another example from the Office of Redundancy Office: At a local gas station, the pump posts the message "Completion Done" once the gas has been pumped, yet before the receipt is printed. What does this mean, especially since the transaction isn't yet completely done?


cloudclear said...

Perhaps... the 'completion' component is acting as an adjective for a noun that has been dropped? As in "completion [process,] done". If it is possible to say 'completion has transpired', maybe the above is just a layman('s) way of saying that? I would agree, though, that the above lacks succinctness. Ha! It's very fun to find these sort of things [in] native English speaking environments!

Looking forward to seeing what else you share here! <3

Patricia said...

Perhaps it's meant to foster indecision, maybe. Or, perhaps its meant to to accommodate a range of literacy levels; a wider vocabulary amongst the gas pumping public.

The Saurus said...

That's painful to see. Whatever happened to "Transaction Complete, Have a Nice Day!"? Maybe they were trying for something a little bit more catchy? It does roll off the tongue nicely.